The Newmarket Holidays guide to packing for your upcoming holiday.
The Newmarket Holidays guide to packing for your upcoming holiday.

A guide to packing according to your holiday type

From safaris to alpine holidays, here’s our overview of what you’ll need in your suitcase.

Like poaching an egg or mastering the reverse parallel, packing for holidays is a skill refined over time. Nobody embarks on their first trip having remembered everything, and that’s all part of the adventure. Just think of these forgotten items as an opportunity to purchase them in new, exciting destinations. These are bonus souvenirs, only you’ll actually have a use for these.

As for the basics, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to the essentials you’ll need for your upcoming holiday.

What to pack for your holiday


Are you a suitcase sweetheart or is the backpack your best friend?
Are you a suitcase sweetheart or is the backpack your best friend?

We all travel differently. Perhaps you prefer to travel with a small suitcase as carry-on or check in a larger hiking pack that you can move around with on your back. Either way, we recommend purchasing a portable luggage scale.

Exceeding the luggage allowance isn’t a fun way to begin the holiday. So, check your plane tickets for the limit, and weigh your bag before leaving the house.

Here are some other luggage-related items you might need for your holiday:

  • Suitcase – opt for a recognisable colour to make for easier identification at bag-drop
  • Backpack – choose a comfortable pack for everyday travel use or as carry-on
  • Small handbag or clutch – for evening events
  • Lock – ensure it is TSA-approved and requires a code, not a key
  • Packing cubes – these can help compress your belongings and improve access to your belongings


Arranging outfits for an upcoming trip can be a daunting task, but working through the following list of basics might help. The list doesn’t factor in different clothing according to individual style. So, if you’re a fan of dressing up, you might not want to leave behind your favourite holiday maxi dress, or the statement blazer you only wear away from home.

  • T-shirts and vests
  • Long-sleeved shirtsthermals if travelling to colder climates
  • Jumpers – if it’s a Christmas trip, you’ll get bonus points for an obnoxious festive knit
  • Trousers, shorts or skirts
  • Belt – if concerned about theft, there are unstylish yet practical money-protecting belts available
  • Socks
  • Comfortable shoes – footwear you can easily walk in for longer periods
  • Rain jacket – only bring a small umbrella if you have space available
  • Pyjamas
  • Underwear
  • Hat – select headwear in a packable style and won’t be crushed in your luggage
  • Scarf – there are travel-friendly scarves which store keys, passports, wallet, phone and more, and sleep-enabling garments


Be sure to pack more than one memory card on your upcoming trip!

Holidays are opportunities to spend less time on your devices, but these gadgets can certainly come in handy for photographing memories and translating menus.

If you’re concerned about using your phone in different environments, find a waterproof sleeve to ensure you can easily locate it and prevent water damage. Here’s what else to pack:

  • Mobile phone – invest in a good-quality, shockproof case before you travel. Or one that offers built-in charging
  • Camera and memory cards – depending on the length of the trip, bring at least two spare memory cards so you don’t run out of space for your photos
  • Chargers – remember both charging cords for your phone and camera
  • Adaptor – opt for a universal adaptor with USB ports, particularly if you’re visiting multiple countries
  • Headphonesnoise-cancelling headphones are useful during long-haul travel

If you have space…

  • Laptop – if you can, leave the computer (and your work!) at home


Ensure your toiletries are under 100ml if you plan to take them in your carry-on.
Ensure your toiletries are under 100ml if you plan to take them in your carry-on.

Having difficulty finding travel-sized versions of your favourite products? Then funnel your grooming must-haves into travel tubes or pots.

If you prefer to take your toiletries in your carry-on, ensure each product is under 100ml. It will also save time and stress at airport security if you pre-package your liquid toiletries into a clear resealable bag.

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash – choose travel-sized versions such as mouthwash tablets
  • Hairbrush or comb – a retractable or handle-free item is your best bet
  • Hand sanitiser – a product with a carabiner snap is convenient for travel
  • Deodorant – opt for roll-on to freshen up mid-flight
  • Nail file – rather than nail clippers
  • Make-up wipes – remember not to flush these
  • Shampoo and conditioner – try a solid version to save space and optimise usage
  • Sunscreen – select a product with a higher SPF and test it on your skin before travel
  • Shower gel and face wash
  • Lip balm – preferably with SPF
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Glasses, prescription sunglasses, contact lenses – be sure to bring cases and solutions, plus extra pairs of contacts
  • Prescription medication – bring your prescription on the off-chance security questions you or you require an emergency re-fill
  • Razor – keep a cover on the blade to prevent any knicks in the bag

If you have space…

  • Dry shampoo and hairspray – select a travel-sized option
  • Sewing kit – only if you’ve got a mini set, otherwise most hotels stock these
  • Tissues – a small pocket pack
  • Fragrance – spritz your favourite scent into an atomiser

Creature comforts

Sometimes the little things can make travelling just that little bit smoother…

Certain items make the journey just that little bit smoother. So, prepare to use those moments in-between to catch up on some much-needed sleep, or enjoy that book you’ve been neglecting for the past few months.

  • Earplugs – find a set that offers high noise reduction
  • Passport protector – these are particularly useful if you’re prone to losing important items
  • Neck pillow – find a comfortable pillow that is either inflatable or packs down, to preserve space
  • Water bottle – ensure it’s empty before you reach airport security. At the gate, there are usually water fountains you can use for refills
  • Books, magazines or Kindle – leave the Tolstoy behind and bring something compact
  • Eye drops – if you’re prone to dry eyes mid-flight
  • Translation apps – try iTranslate or Google Translate
  • Maps – apps or the real thing

What to pack for safari

It makes sense to be your best-dressed self in the presence of trumpeting elephants and roaring lions, just be sure to avoid vibrant colours like yellow, purple or red and opt for neutral-coloured clothing to blend better with the natural environment.

As well as the essentials listed previously, you might like to pack:

What to pack on your upcoming safari adventure
What to pack on your upcoming safari adventure
  • Binoculars
  • Insect repellent
  • Zip-off trousers – these are useful if it gets hotter throughout the day
  • Sunglasses – ideally with UV protection
  • Covered, sturdy shoes
  • A change of clothing

Holiday suggestion: Cape Town, the Garden Route and Big Five Safari and India – Tigers and the Taj Mahal

What to pack for a beach holiday

Time to take a beach vacation!
Time to take a beach vacation!

It doesn’t take much to enjoy a beach escape. It’s fairly simple: complain through winter and then flee to sunnier shores. However, to properly maximise your time in paradise, you might need the following essentials:

Here's what to include in your suitcase on your beach trip
Here’s what to include in your suitcase on your beach trip
  • Swimwear – two pairs so you won’t need to wait for one pair to dry
  • Quick-dry travel towel
  • Sunscreen and zinc
  • Hat – opt for a wide-brim option with more coverage
  • Non-slip sandals – particularly if you’ll be walking around a boat deck
  • Cover-up – a garment easy to throw on between dips, a sarong or loose-fitting cotton shirt
  • Aloe vera gel or lotion

If you have space…

  • Waterproof camera or case

Holiday suggestion: Dubrovnik and Croatian Island Cruise and Abu Dhabi and Seychelles Cruise

What to pack for an alpine holiday

On some of our holidays, thermal clothing is provided. However, it’s a good idea to pack a few warm items depending on how much you feel the chill. Start with these:

Ready for the chill? Pack these essentials on your epic alpine trip
Ready for the chill? Pack these essentials on your epic alpine trip
  • Base layers
  • Fleece
  • Beanie
  • Windbreaker
  • Gloves/mittens
  • Waterproof shoes or boots

If you have space…

  • Thermos – to bring along your favourite hot drink

Holiday suggestion: Swiss Alps Wintertime Adventure and Christmas in the Austrian Tyrol

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