Kraków's medieval town square, Rynek Główny,
Kraków’s picturesque town square, Rynek Główny, medieval Europe’s largest such space

Next stop, Europe!


After a successful return to touring in Scotland last month, Andy Jones was on the road again last week, this time accompanying a tour to KrakówAndy joined 12 guests as they spent five days in Poland’s majestic medieval city. 

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Wieliczka Salt Mine
An underground cavern at the Wieliczka Salt Mine
Captivating Kraków

Guests enjoyed a fascinating guided walking tour of Kraków’s mesmerising old town, at the heart of which is the great square of Rynek Główny, medieval Europe’s largest such space. 

The tour also included a thought-provoking visit to nearby Auschwitz-Birkenau, providing a sobering insight into the horrors of the Holocaust. 

On the third day, guests visited the stunning Wieliczka Salt Mine. Salt was mined at Wieliczka as early as the 11th century, and over the years, the mine has grown to be larger than the town itself. 

Today, Wieliczka is more an underground city than a mine, consisting of an estimated 180 miles of passageways and some fascinating features, all of which are carved from salt. 

Salt structures at Wieliczka include St Kinga’s Chapel, with its salt chandeliers and staircase, and Warsaw Hall, which can hold a full symphony orchestra.   

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Wawel Castle, Kraków
Wawel Castle, Kraków
Staying safe

Safety precautions ranged from mask-wearing and social-distancing on the coach and in the hotel, to temperature checks at attractions and adapted housekeeping rules.

Mike, the tour manager, was widely praised for his role in delivering a safe and reassuring but enjoyable experience for all. 

One guest said: “Everywhere felt safe, and our tour guide was exceptionally helpful.”

Another guest commented: “As always, Newmarket met all their high standards, even with COVID. Everything was well organised and Mike, our tour manager, was as helpful as he could’ve been.” 

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2020 and beyond

Everybody was pleased to get out and about, and to travel again. One couple summed up the tour’ collective mood: “Travel was a big part of our retirement plans – it was so good to resume after months of restrictions.”

Whilst 2020 has undeniably been a difficult year, full of uncertainty and change, one thing has remained constant throughout: our love of travel. 

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